Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tippy Has Her Forever Home!!!!!!!!!!

Tippy was finally adopted!  She now has her very own family to love.  I hope you have a wonderful life, baby.  You deserve it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011--Week 14

It has been so hot and humid that Tippy has pretty much been laying around in the air conditioned house.  Nothing exciting about that!!  But she continues being a sweet lovable girl that only wants to be close to me and be touched.

Tippy loves to toss stuffy, squeaky toys around.  One cooler day, she snuck one outside and got so wild shaking her head that one of the long legs of the monkey hit her in the face.  She yelped and immediately dropped it.  I think it surprised her that the monkey would fight back :).

Tippy and Kordell have decided that a way to cool off (a totally unacceptable way) is to dig a hole and lay in the cooler dirt.  I have to watch them closely and correct that behavior.  A much better way would be to splash around in their pool, which Tippy does enjoy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tippy and her friend, Gracie

Tippy went to visit her Great Dane friend, Gracie.  Here is a bit of their antics.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 10--Where does time go??

Tippy had a pretty busy week.  She was part of a small group of hounds being shown to a prospective greyhound parent on Tuesday evening.  It was a tough decision, but Tippy came in second. :(  So I brought her back home to wait for the next time.  I don't think any of us were that disappointed, but we would have been happy for Tippy to find her forever home.

Saturday Tippy stole many hearts at the Pet A Palooza Event at the Fairgrounds.   She gave hugs and kisses to many visitors to the Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption booth.  Tippy is very social and loves everyone!!  Everyone seems to love her.  There is just something special about her personality that you can't help but fall in love with.  (right, kids and friends who want me to keep her)  There were a lot of comments about how she looks like a tiger.  After all the action and treats, Tippy was pretty darn tired when we got home.

Tippy's birthday is coming up in just 9 days.  Who will give her the best birthday present ever--a forever home!?!???

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week 8 !!

It is hard to believe Tippy has been with us for 8 weeks already.  And at the same time, it seems she has been part of our family for a lot longer.  Tippy went to a meet and greet at the Quarry Petsmart this week and was a perfect lady.

I mentioned earlier that Tippy is not bothered by the vacuum cleaner.  Here is proof:

Tippy has taken over Miss Sadie's favorite spot to lay so Sadie has had to compromise.  This is under the desktop of my home office.  It is only about 6 ft in length.  I have to be careful how I roll my chair and where I put my feet.  The things we do for our dogs!!

Tippy will be at Pet Palooza at the State Fairgrounds on June 25.  Come see her live and in person.  You won't be disappointed.

Even though this blog is about Tippy, I have to share something about Miss Sadie.  If you have looked at Boo's blog (www.nlga-boo.blogspot.com) and saw that she suffers from ETS (and if you haven't--do it now!!)  Sadie is also a victim. :)

Until next time............

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tippy is the sweetest greyhound.  She is playful, affectionate, and loves to cuddle.  Tippy let me clip her toe nails without a peep.  She just stood there while I lifted each leg.  Tippy is patient during teeth brushing time, but sometimes tries to back away during the brushing of the front teeth.

Tippy loves to go for walks and greet every person we meet.  She is learning that not everyone loves her  like I do.  Tippy's birthday is coming up and really, really wants a forever home.  She is great around people, dogs, cats, etc.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tippy and Kordell Tear It Up

After a long walk, they still have the energy to tear around the yard.

Welcome Home!!

They are all so happy to greet me when I come home from work.  We have been working on keeping dogs off the furniture.  I put one of those plastic carpet runner with the pointy grippy things upside down on the sofa.  The hounds just look at it and look at me and wonder what the heck is going on.

Really?? I don't need to lift my leg??

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meet Tippy--Available through Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption

Tippy is the sweetest girl.  She is almost 9 years old, but has the energy of a much younger dog.  One of the first things Tippy when I brought her home was to make herself at home on the sofa.  Apparently, this was allowed in her former home.  If I forget to put the gate at the bottom of the stairs, Tippy likes to sneak upstairs when I am not home and make herself a little nest with my pillows on my bed.  Tippy is not crated and does just fine.  She gets along very well with my greyhounds and cat.

Tippy likes to eat very, very fast, so I have been feeding her in a muffin tin to slow her down.  When I ask her to sit for a treat, she goes to a down position instead.    

Tippy loves to go for walks and does very well on a leash.  She may be a bit confused about her gender though.  Tippy will get near a tree, lift her leg, and then squat to pee.  It is hilarious!!

She and her foster brother, Kordell will race around the yard and spin in circles.  It is very funny to watch.  I took Tippy to meet my friend's young great dane this week.  They took turns chasing each other around the yard.  Gracie is twice the size of Tippy, but Tippy has the speed!!

Tippy is very affectionate and follows me around--even when I am mowing the lawn.  She is not afraid of the loud noise of the mower or the vacuum cleaner.  I have to ask her to move so I can vacuum where she is laying.

Tippy likes to rub her head and neck on the carpet or ground outside.  Her whole neck and underside of her muzzle were the prettiest shade of green after a lawn mowing.